75% Superwash Merino Extra Fine (19.5 micron)
25% Mulberry Silk

This luscious soft and drapey fingering weight yarn comes in both a single (unplied) and plied version.

The soft and lustrous single ply yarn with a loose twist, results in a velvety texture with slight variations in thickness. It is perfect for shawls and cowls where the silk content gives the items sheen and drape. The yarn takes the dye beautifully with the silk reflecting the light to give a lustrous finish.

Singles yarns are more delicate than yarns with 2 or more plies because there is less twist to hold the fibers together. Treat singles yarns gently when reskeining and washing.

The plied yarn takes up dye equally well and also results in a soft drapey fabric. Where both are available in the same colour way they will be listed in separate categories.

Ideal for shawls, scarves, jumpers and baby items. Perfect for gentle next to skin softness.

Imported yarn