Caring for Hand Dyed Yarn

Remember with hand dyes each skein is unique. Skeins even in the same dye pot may dye up differently. When working with my yarns I recommend you alternate skeins each couple of rows so as to reduce possible pooling of colour and avoid any obvious skein differences.

Taking Care of Your Lovingly Created Project

I have tried to remove as much excess dye as possible but there may be slight bleeding of colour on the first couple of washes. If you have contrast bands of colour such as red and white, I would include a colour catcher sheet in the first wash, just to be safe.

Some of my yarn bases are sold to me as Machine Washable. This wool has been treated to felt less easily and can be washed in a modern washing machine on a Wool Wash cycle only in tepid water.

Having spent all that time and money on my one of a kind creation I would ALWAYS hand wash in cool water with either a couple of drops of clear dishwashing detergent or specialty wool wash or even hair conditioner.  Allow your knit garment to sit in soapy water for about 30 minutes before rinsing in still water.  Do not rinse directly under a tap of running water. This will aid in felting of the yarn. Never wring or rub but gently squeeze, lay on an old fluffy towel, roll up, gently tread on the roll so the towel will absorb excess water and lay flat to dry out of the sun.

I like to lay items flat on a clothes airer so air can circulate beneath but if you are blocking and need to pin out the shape you could lay on a towel on a spare bed or use a small packet of squishy interlocking foam floor tiles and use pins to hold in shape. I like to use T pins or if lacey, I use special lace blocking wires held in place with T pins. These fine wires thread through loops at strategic places in your design and can create lovely scalloped edges on fine lace creations.

Remember that wool does not need to be washed as regularly as cotton and man made fibres and that includes socks!